The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Hemp Products

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Over the past few years, eco-friendly alternatives for our favourite household materials are cropping up all around us. From bamboo-replacements and cotton-swaps, the products we love are being re-imagined in new, sustainable ways that we can all get on board with. So this week, we want to talk about one of the up-and-coming materials being used in eco-friendly circles: hemp! 

Hemp, predominantly grown and harvested in Asia and the Middle East, is a by-product of the Cannabis Sativa plant – often described as the ‘cousin of cannabis’ without the psychoactive properties. Made from the hardened stalks of the plant, hemp is often stripped back with its tough rope-like outer layer giving way to the softer woody inner-layer beneath. Both layers of the hemp plant have individual uses and can be knotted, woven, knitted and stitched together to form the durable, biodegradable material we know today. 

What are the eco-friendly benefits of using hemp? 

Sustainable Growth & Production 

As a naturally occurring plant product in mild, humid climates, hemp grows easily without requiring excessive amounts of water. In fact, it’s recorded that hemp plants use a third less water than cotton throughout the growth, which is great news for water conservation. 

Hemp also grows quickly, and can be harvested and retted within a couple of months for production. Plus, the natural retting process allows the hemp plants to be cleansed of pests and insects without harmful chemical pesticides. 

Versatile and Durable Material

Unlike many man-made materials created through fast fashion productions, hemp is an incredibly strong and versatile material to use, and can be found in a number of different products from fashion pieces to industrial-strength rope. 

Durable products are key to creating a slow fashion wardrobe, with long-lasting clothing items helping to prevent excessing buying and overall clothing waste. 

Biodegradable and Recyclable 

One of the biggest problems facing the fast fashion industry is the issue of excess waste from old clothing pieces and fabrics. These fabrics do not degrade and can’t be composted and so once used, clog up harmful landfill sites. Hemp, on the other hand, is naturally biodegradable and can be easily and sustainable disposed of once used and finished with. Being made of natural properties, all hemp products are suitable for biodegradable waste processes and are a great example of sustainable waste disposal. 

Our Favourite Hemp Products From Fididi

While hemp can be used in a variety of different fashion pieces, from coats and shoes to skirts and hats, it can also be found in a number of eco-friendly home products too! We’re proud to highlight some of the best hemp products on the market and bring them to you for less! 

Lavender Hemp Eco-Friendly Phone Case | Pela | £37.95

Protect your phone and keep it looking stylish with this Lavender Hemp Phone Case from Pela. Made from real hemp as part of their waste-free future mission, this durable and fitted phone case is perfect for iPhones in need of protecting from scratches, dents and scuffs! 

Give it a try with Fididi this month! 

100% Hemp Protein Powder | MyVegan | £17.49

Looking to bulk up before the summer or strengthen your immune system this year? Time to invest in the MyVegan 100% Hemp Protein Powder. Packed full of essential vitamins, nutrients and goodness, this hemp protein powder is perfect for anyone looking to feel better and stronger in just a few shakes! 

Order the MyVegan 100% Hemp Protein Powder today with Fididi. 

Green Dreams Hemp Cotton Pads | My Little Eco Shop | £6.99

A bathroom staple, these cleansing and toning pads are made with organic hemp for a structured and soft pad to use in your daily skincare routine. Re-usable, washable and cruelty-free, these pads are a must for any sustainable skincare lover. 

Save £1.00 on these sustainable pads when you shop with Fididi. 

Hemp Seed Oil 200ml | Biona | £7.39

Time to start cooking cleaner with the Hemp Seed Oil from Biona. A great source of Omega 6 and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, this virgin oil is harvested from real hemp – good for drizzling over salads, blending into dipping sauces and levelling up your pasta dishes. 

Try it with your next dish with Fididi! 

CBD Chocolate Hemp Truffles | Mr Prempy’s | £5.50 

Treat yourself with Mr Prempy’s CBD Chocolate Hemp Truffles this week! These sweet, tasty treats are made from 90% single origin raw dark chocolate, and are infused with peppermint CBD and hemp oil for a delicious, original taste. 

Try them for yourself with Fididi! 

Hemp is one of our most versatile, useful and sustainable resources and we should all be making moves to include it in our lives. To find out more about how buying hemp products can benefit the earth, and to check out some of our latest deals on hemp products, make sure you follow our socials this week! 

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