The Best Ways to Restore The Earth from Home

The Best Ways to Restore The Earth from Home

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On the 22nd of April, here at Fididi, we are celebrating Earth Day 2021! Running alongside major international climate change summits and global discussions on our environmental future, the Earth Day campaign is designed to promote the small acts of sustainable change we can make inside our homes.  

Taking inspiration from their famed 51 tips of easy eco-friendly actions to do from home, we’ve put together some of our favourite pieces of advice for ‘restoring the earth’ from your sofa! ‘Restore the Earth’ is the theme of this year’s Earth Day campaign, focusing on what we can do to fix the problems society has created around the world. From reforestation and river dredges to environmentally-friendly waste disposal and junk repurposing, it’s time we all took more responsibility for healing the planet and finding our own ways to restore the earth. 

Teach your family about the importance of eco-friendly lifestyles 

One of the best things we can do to help ‘Restore The Earth’ is educating future generations on the necessity of living an environmentally conscious life. By teaching children from a young age about the importance of recycling, shopping sustainably and caring for the planet, we stand a much better chance of helping to protect the earth in future and preventing them from making the same mistakes our own generation did. 

There are so many easy ways to help children learn about the environment; taking them on litter picking walks in your local green spaces, teaching them about the wildlife and plant life and how it can be affected by pollution, encouraging them to explore eco-friendly transport options and finding fun in recycling and reusing old materials. 

At Fididi, we’re partnered with some great brands working to help make learning about the environment fun for children and supplying sustainable alternatives for your child’s everyday essentials.

  • Around the World Crafts | Green Kid Crafts | $34.95 A fun science-based kit of nature-based crafts for you and your children to enjoy, teaching them about the different environments around the world. 
  • Organic Children Bath & Shower Wash | Green People | £11.00 A light, citrus-scented body wash for kids with 83% organic ingredients, and vegan and cruelty-free production. Keep them clean and green with Green People! 
  • Kids Toothpaste Starter Pack | Grin Natural | 4% off – $15.99 Teach your kids about ethical dental care, with products made from 100% natural ingredients from Grin Natural.

Change up your daily products for eco-friendly alternatives

The skincare, cosmetics, family products, food products and pet products we use every day can be more damaging to the earth than we think. Excess waste, improperly disposed packaging, single-use plastics and harsh chemical ingredients can all contribute to the growing problems of climate change, harmful carbon emissions and pollution that we face today. 

It’s time to start making some smart and sustainable swaps in our homes, from the jars in our kitchen cupboards to the bottles on our bedside tables. Support local zero waste shops, small sustainable businesses and online eco-friendly brands by taking a good look at the way you use and dispose of the products in your house. Spend a little extra time reading the recycling instructions on your next Amazon order, working out the price difference between a plastic-packaged pack of pasta and a kilo of loose penne, and encouraging those around you to be more considerate of the unethical products they consume too. 

Personally, we recommend the following household swaps as not only will they have a reduced impact on the planet, every purchase helps to support a small sustainable business too. 

  • White Macaroni Pasta (Bronze Extruded) | Biona | £1.99 Get the most out of the midweek meal with the Biona Macaroni, made from organic Durum wheat and Apline water for a sustainable blend of pasta. 
  • Fragrance-Free Cleaning Re-fill | Neat. | £4.00 A plastic-free cleaning shot to add into a reusable spray bottle to act as a multi-surface cleaner, from eco brand Neat. Great for keeping a clean home, without the plastic waste. 
  •  Aiden Crop Top ‘Kindness is Sexy’ | 337 Brand | $59.00 Turn your wardrobe into a sustainable haven with 337 Brand. A soft, organic cotton and bamboo rayon t-shirt, perfect for creating your eco-friendly look. 

Support small sustainable and eco-friendly brands

How often do you shop with sustainability in mind? There are so many unique, independent eco-friendly shops out there, selling everything you could ever need to kit out your home and your life. Whether you’re ready to get back out into the high street or are still happy to shop online, these businesses need your support to help restore the earth this year.

Here at Fidid, we love championing innovative, environmentally conscious brands, and we aim to help point our customers in the right direction when it comes to shopping for their everyday essentials and household goods. 

Grin Natural: An organic dental care company, who specialise in creating eco-friendly alternatives to the standard toothbrushes, toothpaste and flossing apparatus. Using organic ingredients and natural materials to create their products, this New Zealand based company is a great swap for your everyday dental care. 

MyVegan: A 100% vegan company, who provide nutrient powders, vegan food alternatives, vitamins and supplements to help keep the body healthy and strong throughout the day. Using natural ingredients in their products and ethical practices, MyVegan offers great savings to customers who buy through Fididi. 

TruEarth: The latest innovation in eco-friendly laundry, TruEarth has created a range of products designed to help users reduce the amount of water and chemicals involved in their laundry process. Creating hypoallergenic strips and dryer balls out of biodegradable materials, this is a great alternative to your standard laundry detergent option. 

Pure Earth Pets: Even your pets and pups can go sustainable this year with Pure Earth Pets, an animal treat and toy company supplying eco-friendly and ethically produced pet goods. With chews made from sustainable ingredients, biodegradable dog toys and eco-friendly pup accessories, you can kit the whole family out in ethical ware! 

TreeTribe: An outdoor lifestyle brand designed to help customers find greener clothing and accessories online. With products ranging from face masks and sportswear to water bottles and travel cups, they draw inspiration from nature to create innovative products that customers will love. They also plant one tree with every purchase, contributing to the reforestation efforts Earth Day is promoting this year. 

What else can we do? 

There are so many ways you can get involved with Earth Day and help them to achieve their eco targets this year. 

Get involved with your eco-community 

Your local community will have plenty of suggestions, clubs and groups for you to get involved with when it comes to restoring the earth. Why not join a litter picking group or volunteer to clean up your neighbourhood? You could even contribute to local wildlife programmes, helping to build and create habitats for wildlife to thrive in. 

Support environmental charities and organisations 

Use any and all platforms you have to promote the hard work and positive change being carried out by environmental charities and organisations, whether it’s posting about it on Facebook or starting a fundraising campaign online. Donate what you can to help support these eco-efforts and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

Re-evaluate your own approach to recycling

Although recycling is a great start for a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to recycle in the right way. Teaching yourself which products can and can’t be recycled, educating yourself on where to dispose of different materials and investing more time into consciously buying products you know can be recycled can make a big difference to your overall carbon footprint. 

The journey to Restore the Earth isn’t going to be an easy one, but if we can work together and start making these vital changes to our homes, things might just start to look up for the planet. 

What can you do today to start restoring the earth? 

We’ll be continuing our work supporting Earth Day over on our socials so make sure you give them a follow for more tips and good news stories from this month. 

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