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The best eco-friendly make-up products for your skin

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Who else is ready to get back outside in the fresh air over the next couple of weeks? After spending so many long months inside our homes, it’s a relief to be able to finally make plans again. So there’s no better time to start prepping your skin for the return to normality! 

Beauty and make-up industries aren’t typically sites of great ethical practice and eco-friendly ingredients – with many of their processes and production materials causing more harm to the planet than good. But more and more green beauty companies are springing up, with organic natural ingredients, cleaner production and sustainable packaging, and here at Fididi, we’re happy to promote some of the best. 

In this week’s blog post, we’ll be helping you to kit out your new eco-friendly make-up bag with some of the best clean beauty brands, and linking you to the make-up products that can actually help your skin this month. 

Bamboo Eyebrow Make-Up Brush | £2.99

One of the easiest ways to help make your make-up routine more eco-friendly is to swap out your plastic brushes for some bamboo alternatives. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources available to the beauty industry, with its fast-growing, water-conserving and low impact properties, and it’s a great material to use. 

The Bamboo Eyebrow Make-Up Brush from My Little Eco Shop is perfect for spooling, shaping and forming your brows, to help you define your look. Vegan, cruelty-free and made from synthetic hair, the angled precision application brush is great for creating neat, tidy arches and completing your cosmetic collection! 

Order yours and try it this week with Fididi! 

Green People Cleanser & Make-Up Remover | £22.00

No make-up kit is complete without a good quality cleanser and make-up remover! The Green People Cleanser is a natural, anti-pollution solution designed to help clear your skin of product, grime and sweat at the end of the day. An ultra-gentle blend of jojoba and calendula, this vegan and cruelty-free unperfumed cleanser is a great choice for sensitive or dry skin, easily removing all excess dirt on your face without damaging the skin beneath. 

Get 150ml for just £22.00 when you buy with Fididi! 

Brooklyn Eyeshadow Pigment | £3.99

Bring a little more drama to the party with the Brooklyn Eyeshadow Pigment from My Little Eco Shop! A rich buttery eyeshadow with sustainably sourced Mica and Iron Oxide pigments for an extra shimmery satin, in a cruelty-free formula for guilt-free application. 

Shipped in a recyclable aluminium tin for easily, ethical disposal, this is the perfect finish to a warm, summery look! 

Order your pigment today with Fididi!

Strawberry Pie Lip Scrub | £5.99

Enjoy soft, supple and smooth lips every day with the Strawberry Pie Lip Scrub from My Little Eco Shop. With white sugar, coconut oil and organic jojoba oil, this formula is designed to remove dead skin cells and dirt from your lips, leaving them fresh, hydrated and ready for the day! 

In a handy little aluminium tin for easy use on the go, this scrub is an eco-friendly alternative to heavy chemical scrubs and exfoliators, without the use of harmful microbeads. 

Order through Fididi and try it for yourself! 

Nutri-Shine Luminizer Vegan Lip Gloss Gift Set | $39.99

The perfect accompaniment to a Strawberry Pie Lip Scrub? A Babo Botanicals Vegan Lip Gloss! Available in four different complementary shades, the plant-based Nutri-Shine range is infused with coconut oil, cocoa butter and calendula to leave you with glossy lips in a formula designed to last all day. Every Babo Botanicals product is ethically sourced and cruelty-free, and dye-free, meaning there are no nasty chemicals or toxins in any of their beauty goodies! 

Order a gift set and treat yourself, or someone you love, to Nutri-Shine lips this month! 

Lash Brow Roll-On Castor Oil | £5.99

Another great bamboo product to add to your make-up bag, the Lash & Brow Castor Oil Roll-On is a lovely natural alternative to harsh brow gels and pomades, made of simple, wholesome ingredients to achieve a firm and stylish brow shape. Ready for use on both your brows and lashes, designed to leave them moisturised, smooth and hydrated, this little roll-on stick is a must-have in every sustainable beauty routine. 

Try the roll-on for yourself and order it through Fididi! 

Prime Time Balm Primer | £8.99

Every good make-up routine should start with a great quality primer. The Prime Time Balm is a high-quality, organic primer, made from natural ingredients, to gently prime and smooth the skin ready for make-up application. 

With many lovely ingredients such as coconut, olive, lavender, beeswax and shea butter, this formula is paraben, phthalate and gluten-free, for a simple blend that can do wonders for your freshly cleaned skin. 

Try it and let us know what you think! 

Glow Baby Under Eye Cream | £6.99

Everyone wants light, bright and glowing under-eye skin, but with late nights and stressful days come dark circles and heavy bags. So it’s time to try the Glow Baby Under Eye Cream this month! Made with vitamin-rich rooibos, lavender, calendula and pomegranate extracts, this rich, creamy formula is the perfect product to get glowing, enriched under-eyes for your make-up base! 

With no added gluten, phthalates or parabens, this solution is suitable for sensitive skin, for naturally eco-friendly skincare.

Easy Tips for Finding Eco-Friendly Cosmetics 


There are certain ingredients it’s better to avoid when trying to find sustainable beauty products. Paraffin wax, palm and mineral oil, petroleum jelly and parfum are all chemical-heavy, unethically sourced and can inflict irreversible damage upon the planet. Try to find products with natural alternatives such as coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and natural plant extracts instead. 


Opt for brands with plastic-free packaging – from their product pots and bottles to their shipping and branded materials too. Many brands are now using paper, cardboard, bamboo or metal to package their products now, so try to find a more sustainable cosmetic brand to work with. 


Look out for the ‘leaping bunny’ symbol on your cosmetic products before you buy them. This symbolises that the product has not been tested on animals, and has been manufactured through cruelty-free processes. 

Disposable Wipes 

Don’t buy disposable or single-use items, such as make-up wipes, self-tanning wipes one-wear products. Instead try to find reusable cotton pads and organic make-up removers, natural tanning solutions and long-lasting cosmetics to use daily. 

Zero Waste 

Look out for zero-waste brands, as these businesses will have made a conscious effort to reduce the waste packaging and materials in their products down to nothing. From their production to their offices, these companies are great for actively and consciously limiting the waste they produce. 


Research the best products for your skin, before you buy them. Cosmetic and beauty waste is a big problem, with people often choosing the wrong shade or solution for their skin and then dumping the unused product into a landfill. Make sure you know what your skin needs, and find the right sustainable brand to buy it from first. 

Cleansing Bars 

Move towards facial cleansing and shampoo bars instead of gel and cream formulas. Not only can they last longer, but they often come with less plastic packaging and have a much smaller carbon footprint than the standard liquid option. 

In 2021, more beauty brands than ever are moving towards becoming more sustainable, ethical and green in their production – so you have more choice about the products you use on your skin. 

Make the right choices, and invest in some valuable cosmetic swaps this year to help protect and maintain the planet. Everything you need for beautiful skin can be found on Fididi, so get bargain hunting! 

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