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10 Eco-Friendly Products That Actually Help The Planet

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There’s no way around it – consumerism is fundamentally bad for the planet. As unfortunate as it is to admit, the way we shop and the products we consume contribute to so many harmful practices that can negatively impact the Earth. From our shampoos and beauty treatments to our household cleaners and accessories, the environmental cost of creating, packaging, shipping and buying a product can be a lot higher than you might imagine. 

A single pair of denim jeans, for example, requires around 2000 gallons of water throughout it’s design and construction process. A plastic shopping bag is largely composed of dangerous petrochemicals that are steadily depleting our supply of non-renewable fossil fuels. Even a single baby wipe or cleaning towel can have a negative impact on the planet, as these synthetically made cloths aren’t designed to organically decompose after use and clog up water systems and landfill sites. 

In this week’s blog post, we’re sharing some of the products we love that actually do help the planet. Whilst simply stopping shopping isn’t an option, we can do a little more to shop the right way, and to make sure that the products we need to buy will do as little harm to the Earth as possible. 

Pink Rose Leaf Leather Wallet | £28.00 | Tree Tribe

This handmade pink leaf leather wallet is a great alternative to plastic, synthetic and leather wallets, as it’s made entirely from natural, renewable resources. Hand crafted for a unique finish, and created from durable, organic leaf leather, your wallet can stay stylish and sophisticated, and help protect the planet too! 

Available in a range of designs, colours and styles, the leaf leather wallets offer up a sustainable and cruelty-free swap at a surprisingly reasonable price! 

Order yours today from Fididi for just £28.00! 

Oval Head Wooden Pin Bamboo Hair Brush | £9.99 | Panda

Time to untangle those knots with this Panda Oval Head Wooden Pin Bamboo Hair Brush from My Little Eco Shop. Made with natural bamboo and ethically sourced wood, this brush is great for tackling difficult, fly-away prone hair without tears or breakages. 

With a 5* review on My Little Eco Shop, this eco-friendly alternative is sustainable, handy and environmentally friendly – plus great for even the most difficult of styles! 

Try it for yourself with Fididi! 

Tru Earth Multi-Surface Cleaning Strips | £35.95 | Tru Earth 

Looking for an eco-friendly, ethical swap for your chemical-laden cleaning products? The Tru Earth Multi-Surface Cleaning Strips are an innovative and sustainable solution to help you keep your house spotless, without the environmental cost. With inbuilt disinfectant properties, these simple strips can be popped inside a reusable spray bottle and used again and again to create an effective, chemical-free cleaning solution. 

Easy to use, with zero-waste compostable packaging – what more could you want from an ethical cleaning product? 

Get your home looking spotless again with Fididi and Tru Earth Strips! 

Pineapple Patterned Beeswax Wraps | £15.99 | My Little Eco Shop

Food waste is one the biggest problems we face in our households – contributing to the ever overflowing landfill sites and increasing our own personal carbon footprints every single day. It’s time to start preserving the food we have with these vibrant pineapple patterned beeswax food wraps from My Little Eco Shop! 

Made from 100% real beeswax, these plastic-free wraps present an eco-friendly alternative to cling film and tin foil, and can be reused over and over again to keep your food fresher for longer! 

Use code FIDIDI to get 20% off today! 

Pomegranate Bathroom Ocean Saver Refill Drops | £1.70 | Ocean Saver

Water is one of our most precious resources, and it’s more important than ever to start thinking about the ways we can start to conserve our supplies at home. The Pomegranate Bathroom Ocean Saver Refill Drops are a great, sustainable solution to traditional chemical-based cleaning products and can be simply dropped into a reusable spray bottle – no mess, no fuss! 

A zero-waste, plant-based product, the Ocean Saver drops can help to bring your bathroom up to scratch – without a single drop of bleach! 

Give it a try today with Fididi! 

The Sustainables Botanical Bliss Soap | £3.00 | Beauty Kitchen

Switching out your liquid soaps for bars is one of the easiest sustainable swaps you can do at home this year. Not only are bar soaps free from harmful chemicals and toxins, they also use less water and keep your hands just as fresh and clean with every wash. The Sustainables Botanical Bliss Soap from Beauty Kitchen is infused with organic rosemary, may chang and eucalyptus essential oils to build up a beautiful, calming scent and is designed to leave your skin feeling silky soft and smooth once dry. 

Available in eco-friendly packaging, the Botanical Bliss Soap is a great addition to any environmentally conscious household! 

Buy yours today through Fididi! 

Rainbow Compostable Cleaning Cloths | £5.99 | My Little Eco Shop

Time to get those surfaces sparkling again with these Rainbow Compostable Cleaning Cloths! Great for using alongside your favourite eco-friendly cleaning sprays, these cloths are super-absorbent, durable and reusable for every single clean. Made from organic, plastic-free materials, the Rainbow Cloths are compostable once used to completion, and can be simply added to your household compost heap and forgotten about! 

No nasty waste, no micro-plastic pollution and no more spills with the Rainbow Compostable Cleaning Cloths! 

Buy a pack of 4 for just £5.99 today!

Organic Cotton 3 Layer Face Mask | £6.99 | My Little Eco Shop

A comfortable essential in 2021, this cotton 3 layer mask is soft, fitted and safe for your protection when out and about this year. Made with 2 layers of GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled OEKO Tex certified soft elastic ear loops, it’s your very own eco-friendly face mask for all of your essential ventures outdoors. 

This mask is washable and packaged into a compostable sealed bag for the ultimate zero-waste delivery, available in a variety of colours to suit your personal style. 

Order through Fididi to get your Organic Cotton Face Mask for less! 

Coconut & Vanilla Natural Deodorant Balm | £6.26 | Native Unearthed

We all know that aerosol sprays are some of the most harmful products for the environment, but that doesn’t mean we should sacrifice freshness and hygiene in our quest for sustainability. Native Unearthed Coconut & Vanilla Natural Deodorant is a soft, comforting balm, designed to help keep your underarm skin fresh, fragrant and protected throughout the day.

Made with real shea butter and coconut oil, this balm provides a creamy, grease-free application, helping you to stay fresher for longer – no matter what the day brings! 

There are so many ways in which the products we consume can impact the planet, from the packaging on our favourite food to the bottles under our sink. 

If you’re ready to start making some healthy, sustainable swaps, check out our Fididi Recommends for our hottest deals, or take a look through our recent blog posts for more eco-friendly tips and advice! 

We’ll be sharing even more planet-protecting products over on our socials this week, so go and give them a follow to find out more! 

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